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Effort in developing craft beer -  Privatbrauerei Eichbaum - Facts from 2019

Malt Biker

Craft Beer Facts

The brewery Privatbrauerei Eichbaum GmbH & Co. KG has great expertise in the area of craft beer. Here are a few facts concerning developments from 2019.

Brew Samples

200 brew samples were produced and tasted in 2019.

Malt varieties

Furthermore, we experimented with 12 different malt varieties for these beers.

Hops varieties

In doing this, we brewed beers with approximately 22 different varieties of hops.

Yeast strains

We worked with six strains of yeast from own breeding in producing the various brews.

Hop dosage

Finally, hop dosage in five different ways was tested: the mash hopping, hopping in conjunction with the wort boiling, whirlpool hopping, cold hopping while fermenting and the classic cold hopping.

Brewing methods

Various brewing methods were used and we experimented with different fermentation temperatures.


Hop Rider’s Wild Monkeys - wild characters, intensive beer.

A trio of monkeys has decided to be different! Life in the jungle? Too boring and uninspiring. The dream? A new, exciting life! All three are tired of spending their days eating bananas. Gorillas have always been known for their willpower and their strength. Nobody ever wanted to mess with them. And now, they have left the jungle behind and are living out their dream with a big dose of action.

Those are Hop Rider’s Wild Monkeys. Whether it is the leader Hop Rider himself dizzying heights as a professional pilot, the asphalt cowboy Malt Biker with gasoline running through his veins or the showy Yeast King refusing to hide his wealth. Now it’s time to bring some sensational drinks, which emphasize the forceful character of these gorillas, into orbit. Therefore, they made their next dream come true: creating beers which measure up to their expectations and stand out for their powerful flavour. Hop Rider’s Wild Monkeys - wild characters, intensive beer.



Discover our “Hop Rider” varieties and get to know the wild monkeys, Hop Rider, Malt Biker, Yeast King and Extra Stout.

Seasonal Beer


Discover our “Hop Rider” seasonal varieties and get to know the wild monkeys, New England Pale Ale and Strong Bock.



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